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    image The ideas and techniques taught in the seminar really helped me a lot. I got to know a lot more about answering techniques that really helped me to answer certain complicated questions. I was also able to solve a number of questions using the techniques that did not require memory.

    - Mohd Harith

    image The seminar was very interactive as the lecturers also gave us a chance to answer questions there and then. I think that really helped me to figure out my mistake and also the common mistake we make unknowingly. I was able to recognize my mistakes and when I learn from mistakes , that’s when I stopped repeating it.

    - Wang Wei

    image The notes really helped me a lot. When my examinations were just around the corner I used to fully depend on the notes and modules provided in the seminar for a quick revision. The simple and well elaborated notes gave me a better understanding. Since I am a person who is weak in memory work, these notes really helped me to understand well without the need of memorizing it.

    - Nurul Hana

    image 4. As for me I would really say this seminar really enhanced my understanding and also love towards education. The lectures were really awesome as they were straight to the point and important facts. I would say that they taught me the right and best way to answer questions without clacking my head. The techniques emphasized in the seminar had opened my mind on ways to learn smart. The smart learning techniques were the key factors for me to answer question without fear in examination.

    - Rakshita